Friends International Center against Bullying is not only a meeting point for all those working against bullying, it is also a knowledge center, and the organizational home for Friends’ operations in other countries. Friends was founded in 1997, and in 2013 the International Center was established. The center, located in Sweden, consists of three cornerstones: research, education and guidance.


Friends International Center against Bullying collaborates with several universities in Sweden, including Stockholm University, Örebro University and the University of Gothenburg. We have also founded a network for researchers specializing in studying harassment, intimidation and bullying amongst children. Friends International Center against Bullying strives to be the link between academic research and daily practice, and our methods are constantly developed in cooperation with researchers.


The center organizes conferences, seminars, and lectures on topics to do with children and human rights, bullying and discrimination. The aim is to create a forum for exchanging knowledge, both on a national and international level. Our intention is to reach out to educators, associations, and other groups interested in children’s rights and preventive work against bullying.


Preschools, schools, and sports clubs can turn to Friends International Center against Bullying for guidance and support from Friends’ experts. We also offer advice to organizations in other countries from a legislative perspective. Please contact us if you want to know more about child protection in Swedish law or advocacy in this area.