The International Bullying Prevention Association

The International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) is a member-based organization including individuals and organizations. IBPA works to take research-based best practices into countries, schools and communities. An annual conference is held in the US to bring together members and others working against bullying. Friends is a member of IBPA and IBPA has been an important partner when co-arranging cyber-bullying conferences and the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2017.


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The European Antibullying Network

The European Antibullying Network (EAN) comprises 17 partners from 12 European countries, Friends being one of them. EAN is the result of a project under the Daphne Programme III of the European Commission, and its goal is to create a toolkit of successful interventions and a common European policy against bullying. EAN works through capacity building of partners, public awareness-raising of the problem and involvement of children.


Vaikų linija / Child Line

Friends has a partnership with the Lithuanian children’s rights organization Child Line. The pilot project agreement lasts for two years and the Friends Program is developed and adapted together with pilot schools to fit the Lithuanian context. Friends trains the first schools and Child Line continues to implement the program in schools with support from Friends. The collaboration is made possible by support from the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.