Friends work is based on the UN ‘s Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and related to the UN ‘s global goals for sustainable development. We are actively working to counter bullying, discrimination and inequality among children and young people. We promote children and young people’s health and social development and allow children and young people’s voices to be heard and seriously taking in to account. We believe that it is children and young people who are the experts in their own situation and to create a safe and healthy childhood for children we need to base our work the children’s own experiences.

We are convinced that a successful prevention of bullying, harassment and discrimination must be based on each school, preschool or association’s specific needs, circumstances and contexts. We oppose the idea that universal solutions will be effective everywhere. Instead, we believe that every organization that wants to create a safer and more equal environment has to have an in-depth mapping and analysis of their own situation, gather the children and youth experiences and develop measures based on the result from the analysis. We are actively working to disseminate and implement research and evaluate interventions based on existing conditions.

Friends mainly works with a systematic approach where we together with children, youth, school staff, leaders and management develop measures based on the specific challenges in each and every school, preschool and sports club. That doesn’t mean that the measures and interventions must be directed to the children. Instead, children’s experiences is the foundation when developing tools and approaches to create a safe and equal environment around children.
In summary, Friends’ work is based on:

• Identification and analysis of each specific organization/school
• Preventive multi-level measures based on the analysis
• A promoting work for safety, equality and democracy