In schools, Friends works with its most comprehensive educational package which is a multi-leveled whole school approach for primary, secondary, and high schools. By educating and including all school staff, students, and by giving the possibility to involve all the guardians in the work against bullying, harassment and discrimination, we work together for a school with an including and safe social environment. The Friends program runs initially for three years and provides the school with continuous training, follow-ups and advice. In order for a school to succeed in preventing and dealing with bullying and discrimination, there needs to be a structure in place and a combination of different measures used in an intentional, multi-level and systematic way. Annual mappings and analyses comprise the foundation of Friends’ work, as it provides information about what measures need to be taken and what areas need to be focused on in the preventive work. We know that different schools, in different communities and countries have different school cultures, conditions, challenges and that they need different measures. The annual mapping survey and analyses also function as a continual evaluation of the measures and enables us to develop new and improved methods. Children and youth’s own experiences and view on the school challenges are critical and increase the likelihood that the measures taken are appropriate to the actual problems identified by children and youth.