Forums, workshops & seminars at FICAB
The center organizes conferences, seminars and lectures on topics to do with children and human rights, bullying and discrimination. The aim is to create a forum for exchanging knowledge, both on a national and international level.

Previous events

4 November 2015, Stockholm, Sweden
Anti-bullying work in schools for beginners
This one day course will give you theoretical knowledge, practical tools and new insights on how to promote anti-bullying work at your school.
During the day we will address:
- ABC for safety work in schools: facts, strategies and practical advice
- How to fight racism and xenophobia in everyday school life
- Cyber bullying – what can schools do?

30 September 2015
Sexual harassments in schools
During this this half-day conference we will provide you with knowledge about sexual harassment and its consequences and give you strength to dare to act, respond to and especially prevent sexual harassment in schools.

29 September 2015
We can all make a difference – conference on civil courage
Our conviction is that everyone can make a difference for a better society,on their own and together, if we get the right knowledge and tools. During this conference day, you will hear four young people who have confronted the injustice they have seen in their daily lives and in society. The speakers are: Emir Selimi, Young Romer’s Federation; Sarah Delshad, Muslim feminists; Siavosh Derakhti, Young Muslims against antisemitism; Felicia Margineanu, OhSnap!

7 May 2015
Safe gaming – seminar on computer gaming 
The gaming world is a great place for children and young people. Most of the time gaming is something positive, a place where young people socialize with their friends and make new friends, but unfortunately there is a downside to it as well. Friends Online report 2015 shows that the gaming world is the no 1 place where boys are exposed to online harassments and we know from experience that girls get often get abused when they play online games. Friends wants to change that! And that is the theme for the day.

13 March 2015
Preschool conference ”Active safety work in preschool”
This day is custom made for teachers working in pre-schools and you will be inspired on how to create a pre-school where all children feel safe, included and welcome. The following topics will also be addressed:
- Work with a norm-critical approach to proactively prevent discrimination!
- Small children and the concept of democracy – how do you increase children’s influence in pre-school?

22 January 2015
School social workers conference ”How to strengthen your students and prevent bullying”
Friends offers a half day conference tailor made for school social workers. The conference will address group perspective, norms and how to strengthening students self. Friends is arranging this day in cooperation with the Swedish Association of School Social Workers


Friends online – How to respond to cyberbullying
Friends lecture about cyberbullying gives you important knowledge, practical advice and inspiration to continue working against degrading treatment online, in and outside of school! During the lecture you will get knowledge about current research, the Swedish Education Act and Friends experience dealing with cyberbullying; What is the school’s responsibility regarding violation online? How can we prevent violations online?

Students with ADHD and bullying in schools
Children and adolescents with ADHD and other neuropsychiatric disorders, often become victims of bullying and harassment. They often feel a strong sense of exclusion which teachers, parents and classmates intentionally or unintentionally reinforces by their actions and statements. During the conference, we want to give you a better understanding of how children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD experience their everyday life at school, with emphasis on social interaction and isolation. Friends is arranging this day in cooperation with the organization “Underbara ADHD” which is an organization who works to increase the general knowledge of ADHD in Sweden and a digital platform where children with ADHD, their families and others can educate one another and improve their understanding of the diagnosis.

Hello Sweden! How do you fight racism and xenophobia in your everyday teaching? - Raoul Wallenberg one-day workshop
“Hello Sweden” is a joint project between Friends and UNHCR and during the project we have gathered experiences on the school’s challenges and needs with respect to preventing and dealing with racism. During the lecture we make racism visible and present methods to challenge racism in everyday school