Friends in Sweden has developed an e-simulation for adults that we would like to share with FICAB’s international friends. The Swedish support team take calls from parents and other adults every day, who tell us about children around them being subjected to degrading treatment and bullying in school. Most often they feel that the school is not doing enough to fight this kind of behavior.

This e-learning course is meant to give adults new perspectives, knowledge and tools. We want to inspire adults to take action and be part of our work to create a safe and equal childhood. Friends’ experience is that schools often want what is best for their students and therefore often act fast and successfully to create a safe and secure environment for students who are in a bullying situation. In this simulation, our point of departure is a situation where you and the school is not agreeing on how to solve the issue. We focus on 12 year-old Kim and her experience, in the same way we always want children and young people’s experience to be the main focus of the schools.

In this e-simulation you will take the role as Kim’s parent/guardian. She doesn’t feel safe in school and you will get the opportunity to practice how to support Kim and how to address the school. Please remember that every child and situation is unique, and reflect upon how you think these advice would work in your own context and for the children around you.

Let’s get started!