Friends provides knowledge and tools so that the people working with children and youth are better equipped to work against bullying and degrading treatment. It is often a question of knowledge about how and why bullying occur, and how to prevent it.

Friends provides several different training courses to schools, preschools and sports clubs. All the training courses are rooted in recent research and our long term cooperation always starts with a mapping of the environment in the school/ sports club. This is needed as every situation is unique and as all schools/clubs have different needs and prerequisites to work against bullying.

It is also a focal point of Friends’ work to conduct long term advocacy and lobbying activities to strengthen children’s rights – locally, nationally and globally. Through Friends International Center against Bullying, we also provide advice, tips and support to children and youth, teachers, school managers, coaches, parents and other people working with children and youth. We also offer legal advice to states and countries that want to strengthen the legislation of children’s rights to not be subjected to degrading treatment, bullying and discrimination.

How does it work?

0. Country/state analyze
The initial work is for the interested party/applicant to produce a short country/state analyze of needs, conditions, opportunities and challenges. The analysis should be presented in a short report.

1. Establishment
Formulate the organizational description. Produce letter of intent. Evaluation of conditions and find partners. Budget calculation and organizational chart. Establishment of sponsors, financial support and governmental and NGO partnership. Legal registrations and agreement. Develop communication strategy.

2. Pilot project(s)
Select municipalities and sports clubs, schools and preschools for pilot projects. Training for local educators. Hold courses for pilot institutions and test the materials. Evaluate and adapt materials. Advocacy and marketing. Development of national concept and brand guide.

3. Roll out
Plan for the work ahead and long-term strategies for education, advocacy and financial stability. Continuous support, development and evaluation of the work through Friends International Center against Bullying.
During the three phases you must be prepared for continuous meetings, ongoing communication with Friends International Center against Bullying. Prepare for a period of about 2-3 years for the establishment.

We offer

Are you interested in starting Friends in your country? Friends International Center against Bullying offers you:

Platform for communication
Friends history, The Hello
Documentation and support for advocacy
Graphic profile, logo etc .
Provide products for renumeration (merchandise) based on the Friends logos
Support from FICAB throughout the development process

Training Courses and Development of Methods
Adjustments of training course content to national conditions and legislation
Development of mapping surveys and analytical tools to national conditions and legislation
Compilation and analysis of national data to spread knowledge and conduct advocacy
Support in development of and learning from materials and training
Education in Friends’ work and starting points
Monitoring and quality assurance of national training courses
Continuous development of knowledge and methods

Cooperation and Exchange
Opportunity to participate in international meetings
Opportunity to conduct national cooperation with universities and research projects through Friends International Center against Bullying
Support the work of national development projects
Learn from Friends start-up experiences in other countries