Friends provides knowledge and tools so that the people working with children and youth are better equipped to work against bullying and degrading treatment. It is often a question of knowledge, about how and why bullying occur, and how to prevent it.

Friends provides several different training courses to schools, preschools and sports clubs. All training courses are based on recent research and our long term cooperation always starts with an analysis of the environment in the school/ sports club. This is needed as every situation is unique and as all schools/clubs have different needs and prerequisites to work against bullying.

It is also a focal point of Friends’ work to conduct long term advocacy and lobbying activities to strengthen children’s rights – locally, nationally and globally. Through Friends International Center against Bullying, we also provide advice, tips and support to children and youth, teachers, school managers, coaches, parents and other people working with children and youth. We also offer legal advice to states and countries that want to strengthen the legislation of children’s rights to not be subjected to degrading treatment, bullying and discrimination.

If your organization wants to take measures against bullying, discrimination and degrading treatment with support from us, or in other ways collaborate with Friends and Friends International Center against Bullying you are welcome to get in contact with our international coordinator.


Sandra Lannergren
International Coordinator