The world’s largest anti-bullying conference just closed in Denver Colorado. The opening speech at the conference was held by Lars Arrhenius, secretary general of Friends and Friends ambassador Gabriel Landeskog, captain of the NHL-team Colorado Avalanche.

– International research influences and meeting other organizations working against bullying, is important part in the continuous development of our approach. This conference is a great opportunity for that, says Lars Arrhenius.

During three days 650 delegates from 15 countries have discussed issues on how to prevent bullying. Researchers, NGO´s and professionals from the education sector have presented different views and conclusions. Friends have lead two seminars, one on the Friends approach and one on sexual harassment.

– We have come a long way with the preventive work in Sweden. The conference has shown a big interest in the methods we have developed. We have also met with many intereting individuals and organizations that will be useful in our further international expansion, says Lars Arrhenius.

In conjunction with the conference, Friends opened its first branch outside of Sweden in Denver.