Friends’ vision is a world where no child is exposed to bullying. We are a politically and religiously independent non-profit foundation. Friends work with education, guidance, knowledge development and advocacy, to prevent bullying and discrimination among children and youth.

In 2013, Friends International Center against Bullying was established to broaden the reach of Friends at an international level. The purpose of the center is to gather, develop and disseminate knowledge on bullying, degrading treatment and discrimination, nationally as well as internationally. We collaborate with several universities and organizations to identify, take measures against and prevent bullying and discrimination among children and young people. At the center, we conduct research projects, scientific conferences, international networks, guidance, knowledge dissemination as well as Friends’ international training activities.

Your position at Friends

We are looking for someone who wants to lead knowledge development within Friends. You will coordinate and develop our research projects together with Swedish and international universities and researchers, as well as collect and disseminate research findings to be used by researchers and practitioners. You will work with the development of Friends knowledge platform including databases and research overviews. Additionally, your work includes quality assurance of scientific and popular scientific productions. As a part of the assignment, you will monitor the external environment, create research compilations and make knowledge available for Friends’ different target groups. You will manage staff and budgets for specific products and projects.

Main assignments

  • Lead knowledge development and handle research projects, external monitoring and quality assure the content of Friends International Center.
  • Analyze external research. Gather, assess and disseminate research internally as well as externally.
  • Ensure the scientific quality of Friends’ work together with Friends’ quality assurance manager.
  • Monitor and evaluate existing research projects.
  • Initiate, apply for funding for, and carry out research projects, network for researchers and create new relations with Swedish and international universities.
  • Develop the content on Friends International Center’s knowledge database.
  • Represent Friends International Center at national and international events and conferences.
  • Carry out consultative commitments, and evaluate how Friends material and knowledge is used internationally.
  • Carry out activities, meetings, conferences, webinars etc. to disseminate current research.

Who you are

You have strong analytical skills and you feel comfortable working independently. The position requires good collaboration skills and the ability to explain complex research in a pedagogical manner. Friends is a knowledge based and develop oriented organization where you in the role as research coordinator are required to take initiative and actively push the agenda within your area of expertise. You have a very good ability to independently plan, organize and prioritize your work and you are actively looking for new development opportunities. You are quality conscious, and you have written and published reports or articles on your own and/or together with others.


  • Relevant university education. Post graduate studies / Phd is an advantage.
  • The ability to assess and examine research.
  • Experience in educating and lecturing (documented).
  • Experience working with both qualitative and quantitative scientific methods (documented).
  • You are comfortable conveying complex knowledge through speeches and in writing. You do this in an inspirational way.
  • Experience from R&D-projects and/or international research environments is an advantage.
  • Good language skills in Swedish and very good language skills in English is a requirement. Other language skills are an advantage.

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Work location
Friends’ headquarter in Solna, Sweden

Start date
As soon as possible or by agreement 

Working hours/duration
The position is a fulltime (40h/week) permanent position with six months probationary period.

Monthly salary. To be negotiated.


Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to: 


Contact persons
Jacob Flärdh Aspegren, Head of R&D

Helena Skoglund, Human Resources

Questions regarding the union, contact Olof Almqvist

Phone: 0046 (8) 54551990