Yesterday Friends launched its first office outside Sweden, in Denver Colorado. Key note speaker at the event was Gabriel Landeskog, Captain of the Colorado Avalanche and Ambassador of Friends.

– No child should have to be bullied. That’s why I am so pleased that Friends, the organization I am so passionate about, and for which I serve as an ambassador, is now      established in both my home countries, says Gabriel Landeskog.

The interest from abroad in learning from Swedish methods in preventing bullying is large and Friends intend to continue expanding internationally.

“Bullying is a global problem and we need to collaborate internationally to achieve the best results,” says Lars Arrhenius, Secretary General of Friends. “Our new office in Denver is part of our plan for international expansion to improve the lives of children who suffer from bullying, as well as to strengthen partnerships with international researchers to build additional knowledge.”

Friends Colorado will establish partnerships with youth sports clubs and schools throughout Colorado. Already, the organization has partnered with Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and its 35 youth hockey clubs to prevent bullying.

“Bullying is a harsh reality for too many of our kids, but Friends’ educational intervention can greatly improve their situation,” says Pernilla Råvik Johnson, president of Friends Colorado. “Fighting bullying requires all of our efforts, and working together we can create change.”

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