Friends International Center’s partner, Vaikų linija (Child Line), has re-recorded Friends’ social commercials “Red head” and “Together” in Lithuanian settings. The commercials are now parts of a nation-wide campaign supported by the President.

Bullying is a global problem without geographical borders. We are very content with the collaboration between Friends International Center and Vaikų Linija and this advertisement is a good example of how knowledge can be spread, across borders, says Jacob Flärdh Aspegren, Head of Friends International Center.

Friends’ Swedish commercials were released at the beginning of the 21st century.

We hope the advertisement will have the same great impact in Lithuania as it had when shown in Sweden, says Jacob Flärdh Aspegren.

Even though Child Line can see some positive changes in society’s attitude towards bullying, one in four children in Lithuania still suffers from bullying.

We have to continue our work in sensitizing the society and offering ways to stop and prevent bullying. Friends social advertisement adapted to Lithuanian environment shows in delicate and at the same time powerful manners how to disapprove of bullying. We hope that these examples will encourage more people to react to bullying, says Robertas Povilantis, Director of Vaikų Linija.

The remade films will be broadcasted in national television and through outdoor commercial posters in the five largest cities in Lithuania. The Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite supports the initiative and the campaign was launched at the Swedish Embassy in Vilnius.

For me as the Swedish Ambassador, it is lovely see how well a collaboration between a Swedish and a Lithuanian NGO can develop. They signed a collaboration agreement here at the Embassy a year ago and since then many things happened, says the Swedish Ambassador Maria Christina Lundqvist.

The collaboration between Friends International Center and Vaikų Linija continues, and in 2018 the second year of piloting the Friends program will be initiated.

Watch the two remade commercials here: ”Red head” and ”Together