The research project ”Students’ experiences of bullying and degrading treatment related to social identity categories” is a collaboration between Friends and the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning at Linköping University. The aim of this project is to investigate the students’ own experiences and descriptions of harassment, discrimination and other degrading treatment related to structural or local power relations and norms. By analyzing more than 100 000 answers in Friends’ student questionnaires the study will examine in what ways degrading treatment related to social identity categories is reflected in the students’ descriptions. Through this study we hope to learn how children experience and describe degrading treatment related to various norms; for example, sexism, racism, homophobia, life style, class or interests to thus obtain a child’s perspective on the expressions of power structures in schools. It also gives us more knowledge about the relationship between power and inequity as well as social identity categories such as age, class, functionality, ethnicity, gender and sexuality etc. in a school context.

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