This project, which is a collaboration between Friends and the School of Law, Psychology and Social Work at Örebro University, aims to investigate how degrading treatment and bullying affect students’ academic performance. Previous research indicates that vulnerable students perform worse in school but also that students who are not directly involved in bullying may be adversely affected in their school work. I.e., in schools with a high degree of bullying students seem to perform worse than students in schools with a low degree of bullying. The results point to the possibility to indirectly promote students’ academic performance by countering degrading treatment and bullying. In this project, we intend to examine how students’ academic performance are affected by degrading treatment and bullying through a longitudinal design based on individual data. More specifically, the study aims to answer the following questions:

  • How does the presence of degrading treatment and bullying covary with students’ academic performance at the individual, classroom and school level?
  • How do students’ development paths affect their short term and long term academic performances?
  • Are students’ academic performances affected differently depending on the type of degrading treatment and bullying?
  • Are boys’ and girls’ academic performance affected differently by degrading treatment and bullying?

How are the perpetrators and the victims’ academic performances affected by degrading treatment and bullying?

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