Friends International Center Against Bullying welcomed 550 delegates and speakers from all over the world to the first World Anti-Bullying Forum May 7-9 in Stockholm, Sweden. With international keynote speakers, opening speeches by the Swedish Prince Couple and the Swedish Minister for Education, 150 presentations and workshops and participants from most sectors working with children and anti-bullying issues, the conference was concluded to be a success. To watch some of the presentations from the forum, visit our YouTube channel here:

The aim of this international and multidisciplinary conference was to broaden our understanding of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and other of forms of inhumane actions and violence among children and youth. By sharing knowledge, exploring new perspectives and acknowledging that bullying and other forms of violence have to be understood as a complex interplay between individual and contextual factors we move forward and improve both the understanding and the solutions. The intention of the conference was to create multidisciplinary and cross-level dialogues, panels and meetings to improve the understanding of bullying and the work to stop and prevent it. We met our goals and expectations of the first World Anti-Bullying Forum and we look forward to exploring the possibilites of making this a bi-yearly event.

The conference organizers (Friends International Center Against Bullying, International Bullying Prevention Association, Stockholm University, Linköping University and Örebro University) gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation. The conference is being supported within the project “Taking a two pronged approach to bullying; Bullying as discursive practice. A collaboration between Stockholm University and Friends International Center against Bullying”.