The aim with this week is to highlight the dialogue between guardians/parents and children to prevent bullying and promote a safe and secure environment, as well as to engage adults to put pressure on the school, preschool and sports club to work with the issue of bullying.

Friends and Friends International Center against Bullying are of the opinion that the work against bullying needs to go on all the time, every day, the whole year. A theme day or a theme week is never enough. We need a long-term systematic work in all areas and activities where children are present.

”Guardians and parent are one of the most important link to prevent bullying, harassment and degrading treatment. We know that parents have the largest influence on children’s behavior and values, and that close relations built on trust are highly important to diminish the consequences of bullying for the person who is exposed. At the same time it is easy to feel powerless when it comes to their child’s everyday life and few adults know how to talk with their child”, says Per Leander, Secretary General at Friends.

The study Pass or fail? from Friends International Center and Örebro University shows that one in five children will be involved in bullying, as the person being bullied or as the person bullying, during a period of two years. Next to these children, we have other children who watch, are affected, too scared to say anything or take a stand. Bullying affects everyone. Despite this, parents are especially difficult to reach and engage in the work against bullying. This is something Friends wants to change.

During this week Friends highlights the work with support and advice through its Swedish channels. We provide conversational support, ideas and knowledge on how adults can act, react and affect. The week is called “Tillsammans mot mobbning 24-31/3” (Together Against Bullying) and goes with the hashtag #detbörjarmedoss (it starts with us) on our webpage and social media channels.

This week was initiated with inspiration from FICAB’s Lithuanian partner Child Line, who conducts an annual anti-bullying week on this exact same week, and has done so the past ten years.

Visit the web page of Together against Bullying (only in Swedish)